Saturday, Day 0, Scramble

According to the government, there's seven new cases and the news is a new local transmission. I heard ten cases yesterday afternoon, but I have to trust the official sources.

Sixty-nine total cases [not nice], sixty-two in hospital, two in the ICU... and five remaining in captivity. It's hard to not panic.

Case 0 is in Stafford and has been communicable for a week. The alert is out for the Brisbane and Moreton City areas, so not in my or MeMum's neck of the woods. Nevertheless, I've made certain I know where my mask is. I'll be carrying it with, just in case. I'll make sure I also have gloves, also just in case.

Thank the Powers That Be that I'm not allergic to the hand sanitiser that's all over everywhere. MeMum isn't that lucky, and has to sanitise gloves. Double-masking [one to protect you, the other to protect me] seems to be the rising style so IF I trip over a packet of the paper surgical masks, I'll grab it for my family needs.

Why am I mentioning MeMum? Tech Support. I have to find files and unfuck apps as well as teach How To Screen Phone. It's going to be stressful for both of us. What I don't know is whether or not Beloved or any other member of the fam is joining me on my adventure.

In the news:

  • The Evergiven, owned by company Evergreen [just to confuse people] is still stuck in the Suez Canal. The hopes of 10% of the global economy rest entirely on what one relatively small backhoe is doing to liberate the Evergiven's prow. Blame lies not on the ship captain, but the mandatory guide vessel who apparently didn't know what they were doing. This is going to have consequences for as long as a decade for sure
  • UK strain is loose in Queensland, but not anywhere that I have been
  • Bindi Irwin had a kid. It's a girl
  • New Suicide Squad movie promises a lot
  • MP who trolled women on Facebook laughed and said he didn't know what he was apologising for. If I was running the world, he'd be put in a cage and negged by pretty ladies until he wanted to scrub his entire skin off. Then he'd have to write an essay connecting what he did to what he experienced. I'm an angry B-word
  • Inspirational speaker with interesting deformity catches Covid, puts work on hold
  • Anti-lockdown protestor fighting arrest in court
  • More about the Evergiven and the massive clusterfluff as it unfolds
  • CCTV shows a girl outsmarting a potential predator
  • Now's the best time to travel! Please fund the tourism industry in a time of VIRULENT PLAGUE! We had to sell our spare yacht last week...
  • One of the key ladies in the continuing Parliament shenanigans has accepted an offer to meet ScoMo. I kind'a hope she kicks him in the nuts
  • News about Biden's palm notes, when they didn't give a shit about the Muppet's LARGE PRINT speech notes on foolscap...

I'm going to write a story, and then figure out what's happening today.