I was doing so well. Then I forgot to write my alloted words yesterday. I'm feeling a little frayed around the edges and maybe taking a relaxed week might fix things in my head.

If this were Normal Output Mode, I would have five weeks left to finish this book of mine. Part one of a trilogy. This year has been the WORST year to start new projects with high ambitions because all my energy has been expended on anxiety about the incoming apocalypse.

Mostly because of the news, which is:

  • Victoria having higher spikes
  • Experts crying about the almighty economy and advising against shutdown
  • Mask wearing refusal followed by "how could this have happened"
  • Blaming the young people who they told didn't have anything to worry about from the plague
  • The Rolling Stones are suing the Muppet
  • Iran is trying to arrest the Muppet for murder, and if the arrest warrant doesn't work, there's apparently a bounty on him too
  • The Muppet's staff had not told him about Russia setting bounties on US soldiers in Afghanistan
  • The EU is planning to ban incoming travellers from the USA
  • ScoMo's crying that the dole is "too generous" and demotivating people from wanting to work in underpaid shitty jobs. Hm. Maybe make the money better in shitty jobs, Scotty


Today, Mayhem will be doing Take Two at the job thing. Hopefully taking my advice and at least giving a shit about his presentation when he rocks in there looking for work.

The whole thing takes about half an hour, so I'll be using that time to see where my inspiration strikes. It'll probably be the CYOA obsession.

Stay tuned to my Patreon, there will definitely be stuff in the $1 tier.