Monday, Leyland's Tour Coffee Quest

Thunder is rolling so I'm cancelling my story stream. The power is getting unreliable so the internet may soon follow. I will find a way to write the offerings regardless.

As for my shenanigans, this morning... Read on:

  • Read Beloved a couple of chapters for a slow and lazy morning
  • Delivered Beloved to the train station [fed cats along the way]
  • Realised I could not linger by the shops for two firkin hours while I waited for them to open
  • Returned home, finished stretchies and foot torture treatment
  • Journeyed out again with my sights on the Good Guys to obtain a Stupid Coffemaker(tm)1
  • Cautiously navigating through DARK traffic lights along the way [faith in Humanity restored BTW. Everyone had good manners]
  • Good Guys closed because blackout. All other shops out of operation for the same problem
  • Whee, fun.
  • Head on over to Morayfield in the hopes that they're not blacked out
  • They're not
  • Acquire coffee machine and spring for the extra warranty
  • Learn coffee machine cleaning pods have to be ordered online. Grr
  • BUT at least I got my caffeine fix and my meds with it

My plan C in this case was taking an excursion to North Lakes with a stop back home so I could put on my knees and thus survive all the walking I'd have to do.

The internet's being an unreliable little B-- so I'll publish this and move to my laptop, which will accept my phone as an internet linkie.

Offerings soon. Malarky to follow.

  1. As opposed to a Smart Coffeemaker, which requires a subscription service, internet updates, and bluetooth to just firkin make some GD coffee.