Long Monday, Around and Around...

Once more, I am in a holding pattern pending payday. Once more, it's a "next payday" situation to wait for the cat's dental.

Tomorrow, I am going to ring the vet's and see if I can pay for it on the installment plan. I don't like waiting this long and it feels like I may never have all of the money I need all at once. Blargh.

It's a momentous week, this week. I am plotting and PLN'ing to get samples of Kingdom of Sand done. At least the first two books. Because haven't written the third just yet. Those, and the samples from A Devil's Tale should take me into the middle of the week.

And also because at chapter eighty-firkin-two I finally get my protagonists to meet and talk to each other. Huzzah!

If Chapter 82 is the one-third mark, then it may well be a firkin series. Fun. Especially since many of the publishers I was looking at want their novels trimmed to 110K. They don't seem to realise that 120K is like bog standard for fantasy and scifi novels. Like average length for the things.

A Devil's Tale is either going to be a trilogy or a bloody cockie-crusher tome.

Meh. I write it until I reach the end of it and then I try to flog it. And also get my arse back to finishing the Kingdom of Sand trilogy.

At least I can be certain that I have never written anything on the level of crucifix nail nipples aka the Bane of Joy Demorra. Seek Tumblr out for further info on that.

As always on Long Monday, I stream my story, I nap, and then I publish the dang thing. Any content generated during the day is bonus score stuff.

Story when it's daylight.