Friday, Day 0, Bread!

Plague update: 2 new cases, both imports. Thirteen total, and ten are in hospital.

We're almost out of bread. So I need to make more. I need to make more of the wholly wholemeal too, but I don't have 48 hours to do that because...

  1. I may or may not be doing some programming on the weekend
  2. I will definitely be helping MeMum with varying tech solutions
  3. I would actually like some time where I'm not up to my elbows in horse pucky

Today I am:

  • Writing an Instant
  • Baking some stoneground white with Wilson (my wholemeal starter)
  • Spending half an hour learning how to JavaScript
  • Concocting 1 000 words for KOSTSS
  • Unfucking my habitat

You might be wondering why I'm using Wilson to rise the "white enough" bread. It's Wilson's turn. Yes, I swap which starter I'm using each time I do bread.

In the news:

  • People are mad that the vax rollout is a clusterfuck
  • BBC presenter died after a shot of AstraZeneca
  • Repugnicans want to block the investigation of the Capitol riot coup attempt
  • Victorians mad about the lockdown
  • Woman covers her entire body in one tattoo
  • Kids win a legal action against a coal mine. Look out, ScoMo, you're next
  • China could still wreak economic revenge against Australia and by gum, they are going to try

And now - I go to do what I can whilst I have the time.