Challenge #04175-K157: Ferocious Saviour

A severely depressed new rescue manages to slip away from hir therapists. They'd tampered with an airlock, about to harm themselves, but Jay quickly knocked them out, to get them back to their therapists. -- Anon Guest

[AN: If you're feeling like life is not worth it, please get help as I'd much prefer you'd keep existing. The world will not be as good without you]

Being sick was the worst. Mak could feel the costs piling up. The meals. The medicine. The increasing time spent in idleness. The habitat. The people here kept telling hir that ze deserved all those things... but ze hadn't done anything useful in days.

There was no way in the grace of the saints that ze would be able to pay hir debt.

Mak crept away from the wards in the middle of the night, seeking any kind of escape. Sick. Worthless. Useless. Unprofitable. A drain on the company resources. There was only one thing it was right and proper to do. Terminate the problem as soon as possible.

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