Challenge #03972-J320: A Debt Repaid

Mr. Sunshine was on a terraformed station helping to destroy it. Why? The dereggers that ran it had used child-slaves as their "cleaning crew". An old "friend", a level 2 deathworlder, is stuck in a fight with deregger security trying to get themself, and several of these children, to their ship so they can escape, but they need a help in the fight. -- Anon Guest

[AN: Terraforming is kind of difficult in an artificial environment. This station has to be on a moon or something.]

The message held co-ordinates and the most popular jump routes, and five words. Come quickly. You are needed.

Mr Sunshine came quickly. He also brought some of his more trustworthy allies along for the ride. From the urgency of the message, it was clear that they would need the extra leverage.

The deregger planetoid station looked like a paradise. Clean and green and lovely. Looks, of course, were deceptive. If one knew how to see properly, the initial impression soon fell to pieces.

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