Challenge #03727-J074: Impending Addition

Let’s see, you’re pumped full or hormones that spike your heart rate, drain you of nutrients, messes with your sleep cycle, and make daily task physically taxing.

Are you infected with a parasite, or is this a weird way to tell me that you’re pregnant? -- Anon Guest

"I told you last year that I was planning to reproduce," Human Sal sighed and tried not to fall asleep in his very comfy chair. "I got all the paperwork done last year. It's in my file."

"And you insisted on being our Ships' Human regardless of the risks?" Captain Xia boggled at their crewmember. How had it ended up like this?

"They're acceptable risks," Sal shrugged with one shoulder. "I got extra protections on my livesuit, expansion joints for later on, and superior motivation to get everyone out alive including myself." He absently drummed his fingers on his abdomen, "And the cargo."

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