Challenge #03621-I333: Time Enough and Luck

The rather... unhappy Pax Humanis members, after letting the officially diagnosed lucker depart in peace with their winnings, which was legally gotten since the person didn't KNOW they were a lucker until now and, therefore, had not been breaking any rules, went to find the casino owner and teach them a lesson about judging others the wrong way. And about trying to get innocent people harmed. -- Anon Guest

[AN: That first sentence is too long and if I allowed myself to rewrite it, it would end up not being yours, Nonny. The ideal maximum for concepts per sentence used to be two when I was a kid...]

Yoshioka had stared at the test placard and at the lines as they formed. "I'm a Lucker. Huh. Should I give the money back?"

"Oh, you won it fair and square," Brutus patted hir on the shoulder and nudged Yoshioka just a little further away from the casino. "Just... don't gamble any more and you're good."

"Deadly habit," added Jack. "Ruins a lot of lives." Coming out of a member of Pax Humanis, that statement was gospel.

Yoshioka ran. It was hir lucky day. Possibly even more so.

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