Challenge #03591-I302: Intervention

A person who was lonely, severely depressed, and thought they had nothing left to live for, saw the colorful vest of Mr. Sunshine and begged the man to kill them. Mr. Sunshine got the person tied up and carried safely to therapists. Then proceeded to find out why this person was self-destructive and... deal with it. -- The New Guy

[AN: Offensensitivity warning for the most severe form of self-harm, also cogniscent trafficking]

Stuart was tired of being terrified. Ever since the bright light took him away during Sky-Time, he had been afraid. He had initially thought he was in heaven until the demons showed up and the little fluffy angels told him to fight them.

This was no heaven. It was no hell, either.

This was, regrettably, the same existence he had been living in since he first drew breath. Which meant that there would be a price to pay for everything. That's just how life was on StarHut Incorporated[1].

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