Challenge #03220-H311: Pieces of a New Life

"You've been up for nearly 72 hours, again! Are you finally going to tell me what's going on?"

"Sorry, I'll get some sleep soon, I promise."

"Isn't your insomnia medicine helping?"

"I've not been taking it."

"Why not?"

Hesitation... a deep breath... slowly they turn around and present a beautifully carved statue of stone with small gemstones inlaid and the etchings reading "To my first true friend."

"Because I wanted to celebrate the anniversary of the day you took me from that world, and set me free." -- Anon Guest

It was a depiction of a lifechanging event. A moment of benevolence containing two kind hands, and it was starkly accurate. From the bony, filthy, and disheveled representation of Human Went, to the shocked look on Companion Drask's face as ze helped them out of the shipping crate they'd packed themself into.

The wounds were picked out in garnets. The emblem on Drask's livesuit was made out of precious gemstones. It must have taken subjective ages of shaping and polishing, because the end result was seamless. The stone that made the core of the sculpture was something Drask recognised.

"Is this... that rock you picked up from our first planetside trip?"

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