Challenge #03201-H292: Therapeutic Tales

The Havenworlders who were saved when the scaffold fell decided to visit the Human that saved them. The medics realized having the Human sit alone in silence, while it did help the body heal, was damaging to a human's mind and caused them to become agitated. So the medics invited the visitors to come, to chat, and explained that it helped a human recover. The workers who had put up the scaffolding incorrectly, which lead to the accident, also visited, to apologize. -- Anon Guest

As with most discoveries, one mistake can make a world of difference. One random, curious child met with a recovering Deathworlder. One long conversation that should have been disturbing turned out to be beneficial. The Mediks, unfamiliar with Human weirdness, learned all about psychological benefits.

Fortunately for all concerned, the Mediks were apt to learn very quickly.

They instantly changed the specifications to Visitors Welcome, and began with the very wholesome invitation to the Havenworlders that Human Tyr had saved. They came in full livesuits because they didn't know what to expect. Deathworlders and Havenworlders still kept their distance, before the peace with Britania.

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