Challenge #02833-G276: Safety Except...

A new class of therapists are going through training and tonight's lecture is about human psychology, past and present, when it came to the sciences and medical treatment. They were to watch an info video on humans in the early 21st century and their reactions to life-prolonging measures such as getting vaccinations to prevent disease, and wearing masks to try to control viral spreads during pandemics. And this, then was compared to the behaviors seen in the modern day. -- DaniAndShali

The picture was of a bench in a park with a sign attached that read WET PAINT and a nearby weatherproof box with a sign that read, Paper towels and wet wipes for the folks who didn't believe me. The handle of the box was covered in handprints in the same colour as the bench.

The lecturer waited for the laughter to die down. "This is not a staged image for the purposes of environmental storytelling. This is a real chain of circumstance that encapsulates the quintessence of Human nature. Any given Human can, has, and will choose to disbelieve a fact when it is deemed by them to be inconvenient to them."

Now the image showed an image from a pre-Shattering protest. An angry man was screaming and holding up a sign bearing the picture of a disposable surgical face mast with a 'no' circle around it. The words said, MY BODY MY CHOICE! "Even when their arguments are co-opted from a movement they had strenuous opposition to." The image zoomed out, showing the man was wearing a T-shirt with the legend, Pro Life for Love. "Thus, getting a Human to act in their own self-interest, let alone the common good. How to get through to them can be an exercise in frustration."

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