Challenge #02632-G075: An Interesting Truce

A rumor is heard of a palace where monsters were holding hundreds of kobolds as slaves. A large castle filled with treasure, all the kobolds that were seen going in and out wearing a silver, blue, and gold woven neckbands. Almost all the doors to the various servant areas were sized for the kobolds as well. Along the road outside the castle, the graves of failed raiders where, instead of gravestones, their skulls still sat upon the spikes where the heads once had been. Yet, it was not what it seemed. For the adventurer that found their way inside, these beings did NOT want to leave the palace. There were beautiful gardens, and lovely fountains. For all they were required to wear the neck bands, they were clean, looked well-fed, and those that had injuries, those injuries were neatly bandaged and tended to. But the surprise was in the throne room. Two humans, two kobolds, sitting side by side talking as they sat on small thrones. -- Anon Guest

Kobolds get a lot less cute once they learn Fireball -- Adventurer's Guidebook.

They had been getting funny looks ever since they entered the city-state. Lady Anthe was used to a lot of stares, being a Kobold and an Adventurer, but usually such stares were shared equally between herself and the team. This was one of the few times when the people were universally staring at her.

The fifth shopkeep that boggled at her giving orders was the one that made Marvin snap. "What's the matter with all of you? You've definitely seen a Kobold before. What's the fuss about?"

"She's not Protected," said the shopkeep, as if that explained everything. Further investigation and the mandatory we're-not-from-around-here conversation revealed an alliance with area Kobolds that sounded... more than a little icky at first glance.

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