Challenge #02350-F160: Scrounged Family

Scary looking friends are the best! -- Anon Guest

[AN: Inspired by this Tumblr post ]

Magic and technology can be imperceptibly similar. Technology and the occult... let's just say they have amazing similarities. Take the case of Servot 666 and the demon-possessed Silly Sally doll. Both do not do what they are supposed to. Both are considered unwanted by their Human creators. Both found each other in piles of wreckage slated for destruction.

There are millions of ways to make lasting friendships. Sally had Servot 666 at 'Hewwo'. Precisely, one of her rote, pre-installed phrases, "Hewwo, will you be my fwiend?" Servot 666 had only very recently heard of friends and friendship and was therefore very curious to try some for hirself.

"He-lo," said Servot 666. "Yes I will. I have never had a friend." Ze triangulated the source of the voice and found what ze assumed to be a very small robot. Part of their face-plating was cracked and Servot 666 couldn't see very many moving parts inside. Therefore, ze assumed Silly Sally was a less well-made, or otherwise broken robot. Ze had no idea that Silly Sally was busy assuming that Servot 666 was another demon inhabiting an otherwise inanimate body.

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