Busy-arse day

Following a worse night. Like, shit. I was already exhausted from a combo of eff-off AM wake-up and stressing about the Kitty Kondo(tm)... but last night.


I went to bed at like 6:30, sure I was going to sleep the night. Nope. Twenty-minute naps at best, interspersed with waking up to either Beloved's television choices or Chaos on her giggle runs up and down the hall.

Until nearly firkin midnight. Like cheese, peeps. Have some mercy.

The rest of my alleged rest was interspersed overheating and freezing. Fun times.

Today, I'm spending an hour getting some teeth plugged, because cavities should never be allowed to remain wild. I also need to fit in time to work on the Kitty Kondo(tm) whilst Beloved is around to help out with that jazz, and do the Patreon stuff and the Instant and, and, and...

Too many plates spinning. Can someone take over at least some of this shiznit? Please? I'd much rather be writing fanfic, but I've been lax in my worldbuilding and lax in novel creation and -ugh- I just want to sleep and be refreshed. Is that too much to ask?

No wait. I know the answer: 'yes'.

Fuck today. I'm doing what I can and hoping I get most of it out of the way. Y'all might be getting Patreon stuff tomorrow.

Thanks in advance for your patience.