Challenge #02264-F074: Health Spa and Karma Services

"Death is a door,

Time is a window,

I will come back" - Vigor (Ghostbusters II)

One human has this as his motto for life. -- Anon Guest

They say that the lands of Death are the undiscovered country. They say that mortality is the absolute final frontier, because nobody comes back. Imagine thinking that that is your limit. Imagine being that ignorant. In brief, imagine life before necromancy.

Yes, yes, yes. Subverting the natural flow of the cycle of life and death, blah blah blah... Just. Listen. Medics and Clerics pull lives back from the brink of death every day. People call it 'saving lives'. They even call it 'saving souls'. When a Cleric resurrects an individual, it's a miracle. Yet, somehow, when I do it, it's an abomination. Tell me where the line is! That's all I ask. A True Resurrection can be worked up to two hundred years after an individual has died. I can re-animate long-dead bone with less than half the effort and none of the free will.

I've even done it to myself. Human bodies are far too mortal for my liking. Too frail. Elves can live for up to eight hundred years, more if they look after their health from birth. They say that Dragons can live for a million years or more. Considering what they do with that time, it really isn't fair. Just because I'm a lich and something more, suddenly I'm the bad guy.

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