Challenge #00965-B234: A Nice, Hot, Cuppa

More about the mentioned-once Captain’s Cup

(Prompt from CallMeGallifreya on Tumblr)

Throughout the Galactic Alliance, one common factor became well known. There is no instrument more sensitive than a cup of hot beverage next to the Captain's chair.

Captain Eloise Fortescue put things together first, and had a habit of keeping a nice, hot, cup of tea by her captain's chair. And of course it helped that humans were the only ones who had gravity generators as standard technology.

Which allowed for the cup to be an open container in the first place.

Eloise kept an eye out for ripples. One of which came, today.

"Something's up," she said. "Full diagnostic and maximum scans."

The crew were used to this, and didn't question it. "Engines aren't answering helm. Something's crosswired, down there."

"Scramble the engineers."

"Sir! Picking up an alien craft right in our projected vector!"

"Flash the warning lights! Cut the engines! All stations, batten down!"

It was all the warning they had. But it was enough to save lives.

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