Tumblr can have good things

Despite the staff's incompetence in all things design and user-interface related, Tumblr is still a place where creative people can get together and make interesting things.

Ideas are circulated. Expanded upon. Shared and, in at least one case, developed to fruition. One such example is my book, The Amity Incident which started life as a Tumblr post expanding on the premise that humans are space orcs.

Well, it gets better. Once upon a time in 2012, Tumblr user GoddessOfCheese put up this post. It went viral. People added to it. Wrote mini-stories. Shared it by reblogging and generally loved the concept.

Then Sketchy Panda Games started working on it. And why not? A post with 409K notes has got to have some demand. Plenty for an indie game to make a profit. They're calling it Aberford, after the fictional town in which the zombie event takes place. And it is beautiful.

Now there's a Kickstarter to help fund the game and make it a fun experience for all players. I'm currently broke (cough cough buy my books cough cough) but if I did have money to spare, Aberford would definitely get some.

Who am I kidding? They'd get all of it.

So if you want a game with non-sexualised women with realistic figures kick ass and look styling... go ahead and fund Aberford. It has fun 50's fashions. It has gloriously realistic zombie combat. It has representation. You can play as a plus-sized, trans, or woman of colour [or, you know, pick the boring, white, blonde bombshell who can also kick ass and take names]. It has co-op. It has solo play. It has kitchen equipment as melee weapons!

You can guess I already love this game. And I kind of want it yesterday. So please, dig into your couches and send all your spare change to Sketchy Panda Games.