Tuesday, Patreon and Owies

I had a cyclone migraine yesterday. Morning dose of the painkiller combo didn't quite work. Evening dose of same also did not quite work. This morning is very much the same. Took the painkillers, still feeling the hurts.


I just spent two hours (interrupted by fam) summarising my adventures in Baldur's Gate 3 as Kosh. I'm about to do the Patreon posts and memeing before I settle into today's tale. Interspersed with recording five chapters for Adorable.

I finished off another chapter before sleepies and BG3 is so tempting. I should be also drawing the last duck today.

Chapter count: noodling around with ideas for chapter 315. I think I have a good 'meanwhile' chapter in mind.

Which means I really need to poke around and see what I can do vis a vis the programming side of things.


I shall get some offerings out and then take a break to draw the last duck.

Starting with Patreon. I'm really hoping the painkillers kick in this time.