Thursday, Plague Day 17, Medical Intervention

So I'm on steroids now, albeit temporarily. I might have taken an overdose because New Puffer Who Dis. I have learned all the same.

I have new pills for five days and a new puffer for a time period that I have temporarily forgotten. And I have already apologised in advance in case I grow another foot in height.

I doubt it will happen, but it's a fun joke. Because that's exactly what happened the last time I was on 'roids.

They take a while to kick in, but it's feeling a little bit better to breathe now. Not entirely back to normal, but a little bit better. I'm more confident about my ability to access oxygen.

Speaking of, my levels are 98% this morning. Pretty much next to normal.

Today, more huge firkin chamber. Working on the voids and some of the paths. AND balancing out those with the actual size because slopes in TaleSpire are seventeen colours of hell. YAAAAY.

I aim to sift through ten more potential publishers and find the ones best suited to my peculiarities. I would like to find more who have a turn around time, but apparently that's not a thing.

This is going to SUUUUUCK... but if I want to get published, I have to do this. Considering how many other novels I've completed, I might just do a domino crawl. Okay, you rejected that one, here's the next one. And so on until I run out of novels including the WIPs. Then they are OFF my list.

This might be a way to be taking action whilst also hurrying up to wait. I might need a tracker so I don't forget who's got what and when the deadlines are. Fun times ahead. Fingers crossed I find one for free.

Onwards to the rest of my nonsense.