Thursday, Changes

I have made a decision. It's no fun to be on a diet during Date Night. Therefore, my Feast Day is now Wednesday so we can both have some fun.

Which is going to be "interesting" when it comes to my Sourdough Starter Harvest. I can either move the Feed Day to Wednesday, or just keep on going with working with it on the weekend.

Meh. The starter is small beans.

Being able to have more fun with Beloved is better beans.

Today's PLN involves more Chambering [I messed up with the slope gradient of this map's entry tunnels and I need to re-mess with them :P ] more writing, and tracking down more editors to work on Adapting. Which will involve noodling around on Twitch to find the person I'm thinking of.

I am going to start doing hand stretchies before I work. I tried it yesterday and did not bork my wrists all day long. Yay.

I'm getting better at remembering to do the self-cares. Also yay.

Story soon.