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Challenge #03904-J252: Lost and Found

They had been a CEO, they fled their planet and smuggled themselves aboard the ship of a galactic before it took off. Why? They'd been forced to be a CEO by their very arrogant family. They wanted a real life. Despite being insanely wealthy in their world, they wanted real wealth, not... that. And a shoulder to cry on. -- Anon Guest

The first clue was that they were in better condition than any of the others who had found a way into Trader Qell's walls. The other sign was that they had chosen a place that was both uncomfortable and well away from the other escapees.

Well. Ze had thought that it was a little easy to get away from the Deregger security forces.

"So what sort are you?" challenged Qell. "Little lord sad-sack or rebellious heir trying to prove a point to daddy tight-strings?"

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