Station Maintenance

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Challenge #01820-D359: Important Aspects of Station Maintenance

If a small creature falls asleep on top of you, you are required to stay put and not disturb said small creature. Any nearby are obliged to provide you with whatever you need to avoid disturbing the creature. -- TheDragonsFlame

Arjit had been meditating in a nexus known as Station's Chi by the local conglomerate of Nae'hyn. It had been exactly what people had recommended as a spiritual centre. The constant ringing of the wind chimes and the grinding of the whirligigs was the perfect symphony of white noise to take Arjit away from all her troubles. Let her abandon her sense of body and sort through everything in a calm and logical manner.

Only one problem remained unsolvable. A Skitty, a gengineered biological pest control unit, had settled on Arjit's lap. Arjit would ask what else could go wrong, but this Skitty was not only heavily pregnant, but also in labor. She hadn't given birth, yet, but there was a universal rule. Do not disturb small animals that have settled on you.

Arjit did not really wish to be host to a mother and skittens. There had to be a way to solve this that didn't involve staying there until the Skitty was ready to take her litter elsewhere. And didn't involve moving the cat at all. Arjit recalled that the Prophet Muhammad had cut his clothes asunder, rather than disturb the slumbering feline. Unfortunately for that plan, Arjit only had her ID with her.

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