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Challenge #00586 - A221: One Damp Afternoon on Tour

“Shock and awe can be dangerous and deadly, therefore the management has overturned your booking of the concert hall for a- what was it again?”

“A magic show.”

“Look,” sighed The Great Amaze-o. “We’re a comedy act. We show how everything is done and half the time we pretend to flakk it up. It’s funny.”

The Nephroton on the other side of the counter glared at them with her segmented eyes. “You are aware that our species is still limiting its contact with deathworlders, are you not?”

The Great Amaze-o made a show of carefully withdrawing some hardcopy documents from a very visible pouch in his cape. “We’ve had our act cleared for all known cogniscent species. And my crew will set up warning barriers. In three dimensions.”

“The expand-a-ball cage again?” whined Kev. “Why can’t we just set up a bug zapper?”

The Great Amaze-o grinned a very wise rictus and said without moving his mouth, “Excuse me while I strangle my associate for his very inappropriate sense of humour. That was very out of line and Kev should learn when to SHUT HIS ENORMOUS GOB.” The last four words were delivered with invective to Kev.

“I’m sorry, sir. You are still too dangerous to entertain in this sector.”

Go to Insectia,” The Great Amaze-o mocked in falsetto. “They’ve never seen us there. It’ll be such fun…” Sigh. “There’s a reason why we call you Dense Kevin.”

“Why’s that, then?”

“Please leave before you disturb anyone?” begged the Nephroton.

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