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Oh boy...

So I'm kind of rolling in some schadenfreude a little. See, the Muppet is seeking to legitimize his stolen "leadership" by discrediting the probe into the cheating his campaign did in order to get him in.

Nevermind that he's been committing treason daily by ripping up every piece of paper he's handled in office... (ahem)

There's a saying, "One often meets ones fears on the path one takes to avoid them." There's also: "Be sure thy sins will find thee out."

This is beyond blatant betrayal of his own country, since you're not supposed to ask other governments to find flaws in your own intelligence agencies. That's like inviting a gang of thieves to test your home security system by stealing all your shit. Just...


So he's either going to have his allies in his party support him "right or wrong" until it's a gigantic clusterfuck of epic proportions... or he's going to get his ass impeached. It's getting late in his term and impeachment proceedings take ages. He might just be able to retire with a golden parachute before the shit hits his face.

But I can still roll in the schadenfreude just a little. So I'm gonna.

Hahaha, your stupid bloody tactics are biting you in the arse, hahaha...