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Challenge #03730-J077: Miss Caste

There are times the ones people call "Heroes" are, in fact, not heroes at all, but very vain, unkind, self-centered individuals who hog glory. There are also times the ones people call "villains", are not villainous at all, but in fact, are kind, gentle, souls just trying to help, and sometimes having to make very hard choices to save the most lives possible. -- Anon Guest

Mathilda Moonsky wore golden armour and rode a white steed. She had a cloth-of-gold cape and plume in her helmet. She had a magic sword and shield. Everywhere she went, there were stories of her magnificent deeds.

She also left a trail of bodies and injuries in her wake. So long as the biggest evil was destroyed, defeated, or diminished, all was well. Victory could be claimed and the hero moved on without a single look back.

Two months later, the Cleric came. Her name was Endurance Hamlin, and she always arrived in a hurry. She had recipes in a big book and a pack full of medical supplies. She had some small druidic talents, enough to encourage holly and mistletoe, then use it to create magical berries that could take the place of a day's rations.

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