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So my main compy is dying and Plan B is just using my laptop 100% of the time. Not fun since the lappy refuses to let me in to my own forum for reasons that perplex me.

It might need a new hard drive installed(Plan A), which would honestly be cheaper than the roughly $4K needed to replace the entire machine.

I could NEVER afford $4K for a new iMac. Not the way things are at the moment, anyway. So I have to do everything I can to keep this one going until we finally figure out WTF is going on with the lappy and my prompt forum.


'Tis time to watch for Chaos' bus, and I have reached my novel's word goal, so... self indulgence ahoy.

See you on the fiction side.

Zombie Mode

Good news: Saw Thor: Ragnarok with Beloved.

Bad news: The movie began at eight in the evening.

Worse news: Chaos decided to stay up until I yelled at her to go to sleep. Roughly at 10:30 PM

I need coffee... and we're fresh out. Gotta swing by the only Costco in Queensland and get myself a big-arse box of L'Or caffeine capsules. And I currently have $5 to my good self, so it's raid the bank or collapse.

I hate having

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Reasons to cry, reasons to cheer

Reason to cry: I tried to start up my compy this morning and... there was a heart-stopping half-hour in which it would not activate.

Reason to cheer: I wrote and finished a TAZ:BA fic and I already made someone want to cry. Go me.

But the good news is that I got my compy going again.

The even better news is that, at a pinch, I was able to scratch up a grand total of $2766.95, including the change in

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Scrape, scrape, scrape...

This is not the first time that I've had to scrape and scrimp to get things together. This is, however, the first time I've been trying to save for a new computer out of my own earnings and savings.

We've made half a cow's worth of meat last for most of this year, and that's fabulous. Now we're out of everything but soup bones... affording another half a cow is out of my budget and might be out of Beloved's for some

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Now What?

I've run out of one thing to share with my Patreons. And this happened because I'm too busy doing other shit to fanfic much. Alas.

This week, I'm going to run out of editing chapters to post. The last one will appear on my Patreon this Friday.

I don't think I'll ever run out of stalled fics, so there is that bright point. Maybe. It's getting trickier to pick them, though.

On the other hand, I've posted the first piece of music

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Made the bread. Everything about it was unexpected. It looks and tastes a lot like bran bread, which means I will need a little something-something to make it not taste like bran bread. Or at least make the brannishness be tolerable.

The loaf we have is still moist, so that's good. The cold loaf does not taste like dry cardboard, at least.

Experiments will begin either today or tomorrow. I have a feeling I could turn this "bread" into a cake-like object

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Ah, Monday.

One more day of relative peace and quiet and I didn't get anything that I was gassing about doing... done.

Oh well.

We have plentiful amounts of foodstuffs, thanks to a trip down to Golden Circle and Dicksons' [and more money was spent on Unsuitable Food than what you might call the genuine article]. I do have a bargain tray of Chook Thighs, so that and some simmer sauce is doubtless going to come to a pleasant arrangement in the not-too-distant future.

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Good News, Bad News, and Continuing Hassles

Good news: My favourite band in the entire world, Steam Powered Giraffe [Buy all their stuff, they're worth it] has announced an upcoming album called Quintessential. It promises to be the albumest album that ever albumed.

Bad News: it's dropping somewhere between September and December.

Good News: I know what I want for Yulemas :D

Bad News: Unless I get it for myself, I probably won't get it :P

Continuing hassles: I am The Right Honourable Broke Brokerson of Brokestoke.

Kind contributions

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Summer's back

Beautiful sunny day plus sweltering humidity equals I really should have gone on my walk nearer to dawn.


I'm sweating up a storm, my hair is a swamp, and today's walk reduced my personal batteries to the red zone.

All I can focus on is what I need and what I currently can't afford because no spare money.

I need orthopaedic sandals made for plantar fasciatus, because my feet are getting beyond swampy, too. Also I need footwear just to be

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Chaos needs Adventures

Chaos has been feeling neglected, lately. She's getting more and more upset about having to cope by herself and less communicative about her woes.

Mayhem has been having friends over, getting calls etcetera. And Chaos feels that she'd going to be abandoned, poor thing.

The good news is that the banks should finally be open, so I may use that bag of coins for a little adventure or two. Maybe go see The Good Dinosaur and Hotel Transylvania 2 and do a

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Still poor

The scratchie didn't win us anything. Boo. I had such plans for that $1K a week, too. It's not fair.

Ah, the wuzgunnas.

I was gonna buy air conditioning for the office. Save up and purchase my cosplay. Hire people to make sure the house is spic and span because I'm absolute pants at it. I was going to have money to spare for wardrobe emergencies, like the kids simultaneously growing out of their shoes. And clothes. I was gonna get a

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Squeaky bum time...

We get paid tomorrow afternoon. Right now, we have about $70 collectively to get us through until then.

We have resources. A metric fuckton of tinned tomatoes, loads of pasta, loads of rice. No cheese. Or at least, no cheese that we know how to cook with.

We do have a wedge of the famous Wensleydale, but we need crackers to try it. And the kids might yet turn their noses up at it because some Americans went and put cranberries in

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Lazy weekend

I had a lovely lie in and I'm already paying for it. The Bureaux of Meteorology (BoM) promised us some extreme storms this evening [thanks, Climate Change] but the rains never came and today is already promising to be very toasty indeed.

All contributions to my continued living will be going towards a new air conditioner for my office. Air conditioning means that I will be spending more time working on random shit after I've finished faffing about with my latest book

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Three cheers for cheap shops

Everyone in my area is suffering from budgetary problems, these days. And since everyone has less money to throw around, places to get things for cheap are starting to proliferate.

We've had three dollar shops in my favourite shopping zone for quite some time. The maximum we've had is five, during the worst of economic crises to date.

Well, this time, the cheap food places are proliferating. Not only are there two Aldi's within fifteen minutes of home, but there's a discount

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Wild, ravening plotbunny, free to a loving home

There is something desperately wrong with my head. I'm stressed to fuck and have worries out the wazoo, so what does my brain focus on?

Steam-Powered Victorian Romance Fluff.


I am suddenly ob-firkin-sessed with socially-awkward ASD Col. Peter A. Walter 1 repeatedly missing the increasingly unsubtle advances of Iris Tonia... who was hired by Pete1's father in the hopes of at least gaining one descendant.

The whole thing of Pete1 being invited to the Cavalcadium? Pete1's dad thinking: "That place is

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