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Challenge #03682-J029: Shortcut to Catharsis

"Of all the species in this universe, HUMANS are my least favorite."


"They're cruel, they're selfish, they're relentless, they're greedy, and they have absolutely no remorse for any of they pain they cause, or the planets they destroy."

"Aren't... you human?"

"That doesn't change how I feel about them." -- Anon Guest

"And what's worse," continued Human Vid as she waited for her turn at the buffet, "is that we're so very stupid. You know the system I'm from? Planitia Magus?"

"The stellar cluster with the fortuitous planetary alignment, yes." Companion Thi remained wary, though ze was growing used to Human Vid's wild gesturing.

"Four stars, each with a minimum of three planets in the goldilocks zones, orbiting around each other so it made travel between all those worlds ridiculously easy. You know what we did with that? We flakking wrecked it. We picked the best planet and in four generations, turned it into a polluted shithole. Then we moved to the next-best planet and did the exact same thing! We weren't even that great when we just had one planet. My crazy ancestors flakked that up, too. There's Deregger worlds everywhere like none of us can learn from the lessons of history and my lot are playing duck duck goose with planets!" She only stopped to ask the server for some of her favourites. "We're stupid and vile and shouldn't be allowed anywhere without a keeper."

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Challenge #01683-D222: A Little Lesson

[Title: There's a cat in the box!] River and the TARDIS have decided the Doctor can stand to learn some humility. -- Fliss

The TARDIS, when she briefly had a humanoid body, said that she didn't have speech capabilities. That wasn't quite true. If you knew how to listen, she would communicate with you. Let herself be known.

"He's getting an ego on him," said River. "I agree. Did you hear that last speech? Congratulating himself over how many civilisations have died

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