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Challenge #02105-E282: Iconography

Scholars of the Galactic Alliance study ancient human gods; the likes of Apollo, Coyote, Mr. Rogers, Bob Ross, and Ronald McDonald. -- shkspr1048

"The changing roles of icons in culture is a fascinating process. Take this fellow," a picture of Apollo. "A figure from ancient Terran culture. He has been, at various times, the God of music, truth, prophecy, the sun, light, plague, and poetry. The Greeks and the Romans alike got things confused for a while, of course. After he faded from worship, he reappeared in various forms. Including jovial cartoon representations." A slide containing a discussion of the Icarus myth, and how gay it was. The picture of Apollo there was of a youthful, skinny, blond man with an appreciative smirk on his face.

"Little is different, no matter the non-Christian myth that encounters the greater reaches of the Western Economical Empire. Take Coyote, of native American myth. Originally a cunning trickster, he became transformed into this fellow." A picture of a cartoon coyote, standing on thin air, bearing a sign that read, Uh oh, in pre-Shattering English. The audience laughed. Some memes persisted for seeming eternities.

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