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I had an adventure! (and I've been playing with new toys)

You may have noticed that yesterday's story was more than a teeny bit late. That was because Beloved took me on a trip to the movies. And shopping.

All birthday presents.

Don't panic, dear readers. There's still a bit of a while before October Fourth. [What I really want for my birthday is for one of my stories to go viral. Or loads of book sales.]

As for the swag, I got what every writer loves to get - PENS! But these are very special pens. One is a Livescribe Smartpen, and the other is a fine-point stylus.

I've yet to start sketching, but you can bet I'm going to.

And I also got a year's subscription to Colorfy, the colouring book for grownups.

I've been playing with it (free) for a couple of days, and it speaks to my OCD.

Check out the art dump.

Pattern of cats in assorted colours Collaboration with Chaos and Mayhem.
A cat in earth colours surrounded by celtic knots Collaboration with Mayhem.
Victoriana garden scene featuring a bird, some butterflies and flowers with vines Neon mandala, simplistic Rainbow mandala, complex Psychedelic flower Golden fishies This is one of the ones I did in the wee small hours
A cat in sky colours surrounded by rainbow celtic knots Garden playground with rabbits Victoriana garden scene in willow pattern colours Vivid mandala, super complicated Guess which one I did after I got the full palette?
Geometric pattern, super-complicated

We went and saw The Martian, which was firkin awesome. I love it to bits. And FYI, it is not scientifically innaccurate yet. They have found water on Mars, but it's probably rarer than hens' teeth.

A more in-depth review will be following my Instant Story today.

Things I do...

Whenever I have to wait for Their Friendly Staff at a tech store, I feel it is my duty to get SPG music videos on as many monitors as I can manage.

Apple Store staff are amazingly quick at putting the kibosh on that.

JB’s HiFi doesn’t give two shits.

Dick Smith’s staff are usually REAL quick to notice me messing around and ask if I need help.

What stores have you steam-bombed and how successful were you?

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