I had an adventure! (and I've been playing with new toys)

You may have noticed that yesterday's story was more than a teeny bit late. That was because Beloved took me on a trip to the movies. And shopping.

All birthday presents.

Don't panic, dear readers. There's still a bit of a while before October Fourth. [What I really want for my birthday is for one of my stories to go viral. Or loads of book sales.]

As for the swag, I got what every writer loves to get - PENS! But these are very special pens. One is a Livescribe Smartpen, and the other is a fine-point stylus.

I've yet to start sketching, but you can bet I'm going to.

And I also got a year's subscription to Colorfy, the colouring book for grownups.

I've been playing with it (free) for a couple of days, and it speaks to my OCD.

Check out the art dump.

Pattern of cats in assorted colours Collaboration with Chaos and Mayhem.
A cat in earth colours surrounded by celtic knots Collaboration with Mayhem.
Victoriana garden scene featuring a bird, some butterflies and flowers with vines Neon mandala, simplistic Rainbow mandala, complex Psychedelic flower Golden fishies This is one of the ones I did in the wee small hours
A cat in sky colours surrounded by rainbow celtic knots Garden playground with rabbits Victoriana garden scene in willow pattern colours Vivid mandala, super complicated Guess which one I did after I got the full palette?
Geometric pattern, super-complicated

We went and saw The Martian, which was firkin awesome. I love it to bits. And FYI, it is not scientifically innaccurate yet. They have found water on Mars, but it's probably rarer than hens' teeth.

A more in-depth review will be following my Instant Story today.