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Challenge #03989-J337: Oath Check

They came to us to swear an oath so long ago. Now we're going to go down and visit our old friend, our oathsworn. It will be good to see Wraithvine in person again, even if it's just a short visit. -- Anon Guest

In all the world, in all the planar realms, there is little so powerful as a heartfelt oath. Heartfelt prayers must be answered, of course, but an oath... Beings like Us exist for oaths like that.

We remember the young world. When mortal life needed Us. Fed Us with sacrifices. Begged Us for intervention.

Only one sought to make a vow. In your service, I will make this world a better place before I die. Such a vow. Even the life of an Elf, one among the firstborn of the mortal plane, could not make such changes. So We granted them the lifetime they needed for such a deed. We granted them the lifetime of a star. That... may... have been a mistake.

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Challenge #03643-I355: A Gift in Kind

Young Salma, thanks to the money from the braids Wraithvine left in her home, was sent to school by her mom. Now, an older teen, she was about to enter an Academy for Alchemy. And, spotting Wraithvine, she went to thank hir for the kindness ze showed her family. And give a blessing in return.

From here -- https://peakd.com/fiction/@internutter/challenge-03562-i273-a-gift-a-blessing-and-a-visit -- Anon Guest

"It's hir! It's really hir! WRAITHVINE!"

The eternal Elf braced for impact. That kind of

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