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Challenge #03762-J109: I Leave You...

An elderly dragon. A dragon so old that they could give Wraithvine a run for hir money for lifespan, was coming to the end of their life. They bequeath their entire hoard to Wraithvine and hir friends, to do with as they please. -- Anon Guest

Elves can normally live for two thousand years, give or take a handful of centuries. Dragons could live for many times that much. The death of a Dragon by natural causes is a rare and mournful thing.

"It is... time," announced Glistenrill. "I am... glad... you came. You... who remember when the gods walked the world. You... remember... when we... ruled. You remember... when we were greedy." They struggled to take another breath. Let it loose too easily, only to struggle to breathe in once more. "Now... others... are greedy."

Wraithvine laid hir hand on the immense golden Dragon's snout. There was no magic that could help Glistenrill any more. "I remember all of our mistakes."

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