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Challenge #04049-K031: The Dawn of Engineering

A kind human teaches Wraithvine and friends how to properly use spinning wheels. Then gifts them enchanted ones that can become pocket sized, or full sized, as needed. -- Lessons

The denizens of Nanogh had never had to make things by hand. They could weave anything they liked out of raw magic. So when the Faekindred invaded the Mortal Plane, they had some difficulty. Setting up magefonts, manafonts, moon pools, and the like had been their priority. They opened doors they should not have opened. Changed the world forever.

It was quite the adjustment phase, to say the very least of it.

Wraithbind was born into the Mortal Plane, and never held with the rights of the strong to punish the weak. Ze was therefore a wandering outcast, seeking to maintain hir oath with what little ze could do.

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