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Saturday, Democracy Sausage and Sog

It's raining, the yard's a quagmire, and I will put my vote in to change ScoMo's job title today. Yay.

Also coming with are Beloved and Mayhem. Beloved and I are planning to wear our pride pins to ward off spruikers for the White One Australia Party and the United Fascist Australia Party. Both of those parties are bigoted gits and I can't believe they have a following.

Then again, the orange canker sore who used to be POTUS has a following here, so there's no upper limit on being daft.

I don't care if I'm wading to the polls, I am voting today.

ScoMo and his Coal Fondlers need to go IMHO. So too to the bigots and willfully ignorant in the senate.

But first, I owe y'all a story.

Democracy Franger

There's elections happening in our neck of the woods, and Beloved and I are about to stick our opinions onto pieces of paper.

Notes for confused Americans:

  • Voting is mandatory in Australia
  • You actually get fined for not voting
  • You are actually allowed to not vote for anyone [draw a dick on the ballot, pen a witty limerick across the sheet, whatever] but you still have to turn up and do it
  • Democracy comes with an optional fried snag in a slice
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