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Challenge #03589-I300: For Every Trash...

A polity has developed a policy of shooting off ALL waste products from their planet, not to a garbage planet, but to the center of their galaxy, to a black hole. Instead of recycling. It gets interesting when they start running out of resources in their solar system to make new materials, because waste goes to the black hole, instead of being recycled. -- Anon Guest

[AN: Even at ludicrous speeds, someone could catch that thing before it even reaches a black hole. Stellar distances are wild]

There's "Waste not, want not," there's "Conspicuous consumption," and there's whatever the Ceslars have going on. The have a very unique approach to waste disposal, and a similarly unique use for rocketry.

They launch their waste towards the black holes at the centre of their galaxy.

One might easily believe that the Ceslars would run out of material to launch, let alone fuel to launch it with, but their home system has been abundant in resources for most of their existence. It's one of those classic stopthink[1] solutions that work right up until the moment it starts biting a lot of behinds.

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