Bugger It

A 2-post collection


Woke up at 4:30 this AM. So that means no time for a recording sesh. Set-up takes a wee smidge more than that and I don't want my next chunk of raw 'footage' [do you even call audio tracks 'footage'? IDK] to be interrupted by the dulcet tones of One Way Ticket by Steam Powered Giraffe. Baller wake-up music though it is, it is not the best interruption for a story.

I might be able to squeeze in a recording sesh after Chaos goes to school, but... it's also a cleaning day and Mayhem is home with The Squits.

I'm encouraging that lad to keep a food diary so we can track down exactly what gives him digestive issues. Because we're all sick of this literal crap.


I gotta focus and I keep watching YouTube fids.

I hate my brain, sometimes. And worse, I owe all'a y'all a Wordpress Wednesday because my brain just farted, last night.


Maybe I didn't want to rave about Cringe "Comedy". Maybe I was burned a little bit out. I dunno.

Just more stuff to do today. Bleh.

This is it.

The 14th post in my queue.

This means I can officially take a break from seeking blog material and go write some independent fiction.

Or, as I sometimes put it, I’m going to commit some literature.

Expect the next few blogs to be me honking on about my latest Work In Progress.

Unless something spectacularly heinous pops up concerning OWS and the corpratocracy’s slow collapse into malevolent dictatorship.

Or I get a funny idea.

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