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School (n):

The only place in the world where dumb people get away with beating up smart people.

If you’ve had it with bullies, come and join us at Mums on Patrol. Share your stories of bully survival, give us strategies on how to make them stop. Join our goal of eliminating the institution of bullying within two generations.

We can make the world a better place, one kid at a time.

Pedo spotted in Burpengary East

At approximately 6:45 AM on the 21st of August, my son had a near-creep experience.

The man was muscular, around 5'4" [~163cm] and wearing a grey hoodie and camo trousers with black shoes and black knit gloves. He offered my son lollies that he allegedly had in his car.

My son did not hang around to see the car, the guys face, or anything further that could be helpful. He did the smart thing and got the hell out of

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I'm looking for title art

If you’ve read my recently-published tale, Late Bloomer and have any artistic talent, please post or send me something.

I’m looking to share Late Bloomer on EqD and they like it when you have art for a title page.

If anyone, anywhere, loves the story enough to make some non-spoilery fan art, please send it to cat@internutter.org or even post it as a reply here. Or send me a link to where you posted it. Whatever.

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