And Here Comes The Anxiety Attack

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Here I go, here I go, here I go...

Today's the day. I'm doing it. I'm about to embark on the longest drive that I have EVER been a pilot of. And I have to do it again on the way back.

I have caffeine. I have nibblies. I have hydrogen dioxide ;) I have most of my stuff lined up and ready to go. I have comfy clothes and my bag is packed.

I just gotta have breakfast and make sure I pack the sandwiches.

Shaturday Specials will not be uploading while I'm gone. They were barely uploading while I was here. Australian shitty internet troubles. Bleh.

I have one last chance to watch/listen to the Quintessential Teaser before I take off. The hype is real, dear readers. I know I have to wait until September, but GFDI, I don't want to.

O, for a time machine and a load of tranquillisers.

Tomorrow, I will be using someone else's internets, so my presence may be sparing at best and probably nonexistent for the most part.

But you will get your daily stories. No doubles though.

Wish me safe travels.

OK, I'd like some GOOD news, now...

So let’s recap on the shitty shit that’s been raining on my life.

  1. Dad died. Still trying to cope about that

  2. Alleged help for MeMum more elusive than the Unicorn

  3. Holiday on Rainbow Beach left me super-disorganised for back-to-school

  4. Said holiday also demise of 5YO laptop T_T After I had got up to 46K on my WIP, Kung Fu Zombies.

  5. Laptop officially declared dead today.

  6. Gift I worked very hard to make for much-loved star in postal

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