OK, I'd like some GOOD news, now...

So let’s recap on the shitty shit that’s been raining on my life.

  1. Dad died. Still trying to cope about that

  2. Alleged help for MeMum more elusive than the Unicorn

  3. Holiday on Rainbow Beach left me super-disorganised for back-to-school

  4. Said holiday also demise of 5YO laptop T_T After I had got up to 46K on my WIP, Kung Fu Zombies.

  5. Laptop officially declared dead today.

  6. Gift I worked very hard to make for much-loved star in postal limbo. Time before official declaration of lost-forever-ness is a WHOLE FREAKING MONTH.

  7. I have three days to get from 44K to 48K in Kung Fu Zombies just to feel good about going on holiday in the first place.

  8. So of course my fucking rheumatism plays up and my wrists hate me

I want to have ice cream and chocolate for dinner.