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Challenge #03327-I039: A Brief and Regrettable Encounter

Wraithvine was down for the count, again! The latest tests to try to find a way to immunize hir, as it were, against the effects of that blasted bell, and the shockingly powerful abilities of Amatu, were proving problematic. The young destined, for his part, was deeply apologetic as Wraithvine awakened again in the bedrolls, head throbbing, and being gently offered a restorative drink as they were trying to find a way to turn that dangerous weapon toward enemies, without harming beloved friends. -- Anon Guest

Vee's lips left hir forehead, and Wraithvine came into consciousness whilst cradled in Pondermoore's arms like a baby. Hir first words were, "Adequate warning, Amatu..."

Rawr, paw over his magical eye, chided, "Yelling dance card doesn't do much if nobody else knows what it means."

"I thought we all agreed on this," said Amatu, one hand still on the pouch where his bell was safe. "It was last night, after we went to slee-- Oh."

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Challenge #03219-H310: On the Road to Destiny

Though it was reluctantly, he followed Wraithvine and Pondermoore, he convinced his mother and the rest of his family to remain behind to care for their farm, and they decided to follow the map provided, and to turn over the criminal in the cage to the proper authorities. In the meantime, he was trying to find a way to keep his bell from knocking Wraithvine to the ground like that.

From this prompt -- Anon Guest

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