Sunday, Feeling Hollow

Went to a Queer Social and didn't know how to contribute to the conversations. The person we were meeting after said social cancelled. Went looking for something fun to do and ended up nope-ing back home. Woke up to catch Tale Foundry and it's been moved to tomorrow.

Feeling a little unloved in my particular pocket of the world.

Still, I have plenty of time to write my blog, work on a chamber or two of the dungeon, plot or write something in one of my WIPs or merely watch cartoons on the interwebs.

I searched for Sci-fi and fantasy clubs in my area and... they're not extant any more. There's D&D clubs but I suspect they want to play D&D when they're there. Playing one game and DM'ing another is kind of my limit? I haven't listened to The Adventure Zone for absolute ages. I want to catch up, but... eeeehhh... I don't even know.

I miss being Kosh, I guess. Writing a book about him isn't the same? Like, Bitzer Kludge became Miss Bits in Clockwork Souls but I wasn't playing her at all. She was an idea that passed. The Kosh in the WIP isn't my Kosh - not entirely - because his story wasn't played out. He's an echo. The story I wanted to see happen in the fullness of a game.

A game which might never ever be picked up again because of a stupid firkin plague.

One day. One day, I may be able to say that I have played a complete game of D&D from Session 0 to Level 20.

I want to hang out with like-minded nerds and rave about Steampunk and cinematography and D&D and scifi. I want to watch and laugh at weird old movies just for the sake of laughing together with people.

Beloved knows how to social.

I don't know how to start.

...feeling unloved in my little pocket of reality...