Sunday, Day 0, Heart-shaped Chocolate Day

Seven total cases, with the newest two coming in from overseas and isolated in quarantine. It's the day to share sweet treats, so I stayed on the Keto wagon yesterday so I could indulge today.

I initially pln'd to get some hours of sleep, but MeMum had a panic attack regarding her new phone and what it was doing at the time. So I haven't had much sleep and will probably nap through 90% of Valentine's Day.


The news as it's happening at Fuckoff in the morning:

  • Big flap over being threatened with job loss if you refuse the plague jab
  • Tennis player tests positive to plague after leaving Aus. Hey maybe inviting people to play together from all over the infected world was a bad idea?
  • Plague after-effects are looking horrific
  • Muppet continues throwing a tantrum over being a big loser
  • Mystery surrounding plague origins continues
  • Impeachment defence can't answer simple questions

I am going to be present for Toasty's stream and if I can get story done before I fall over, well and good.

Otherwise, it might not be out for absolute ages.

I'm wrecked.