So That Happened...

We had a short session last night because (a) One party member was away sick and (b) the plot arrived quicker, but...

Despite all that...

I was bloodied twice in one fight, surprise-attacked by a troll, and learned that my faux german accent was too much for our new DM so I'm toning it down next sesh.

It's not easy being squishy.

Thankfully, I have tactics of a sort. Tactics and ten darts. I'll have to engineer a system to make sure I keep accurate count of how many I have left on the next sesh. Using one of my 'junk' dice as a counter seems like a good idea at the moment. It means none of my sets get disrupted and I can stay honest.

I can even put it where the DM can see.

Next time I go shopping, I'm looking for more firkin darts. Ten suddenly seems like not enough.

Anyway. Back to the real world. I got ahead on my allotted words by Thursday and only had 300+ to write on Friday afternoon. Do you think any of those 300 words came easily? Did I have as much fun as I did on Thursday?

Nope! It was HELL.

But I did emerge from the fight victorious, and bearing a marvellously descriptive passage about chickens with an attitude. Onwards to the next 3K on Monday.

Today, my Beloved is off working on servers and suchlike, making sure they're prepared for Spring Carnival. Tomorrow, I 3D print a miniature of my Monk. Then I learn how to paint that bad boy.

But for today? Storytime.