Return to the Greater Dereg That Got It Right

Exactly what it says on the tin.

(#00763 - B032)

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How to run a world without taxes, Kell wrote. First: Eliminate the government. Elected officials only care for their results in the next election, leading to years of nothing done, followed by flurries of activity nearing the election season.

Public services are therefore run by non-profit organisations with client care as their first priority. Volunteers are hailed as heroes and paid a bonus based entirely on how many lives they save.

Those who wished to be educated paid their educator on a pre-arranged system based entirely on information retention. Thusly, this planet has a high mass of extremely informative memes.

Libraries run entirely on the funds from book and information rental. And are extraordinarily well-kept.

Those who care to can learn from generations past at a fraction of the cost a live tutor would demand. This has lead to a lot of ‘genius from the underclass’ stories before the idea of underclass was understandably eliminated. Social change continued along these ideals until all reason for despising another individual besides jealousy was gone.

The media runs itself, of course, going with what sells the best. And advertising costs are appallingly low.

It’s not been made easy to succeed. All the normal social blocks are gone, and in their place are others. Foreigners expecting to stay are also expected to contribute. Holidays are something that happens when the holidayer can afford to go.

Nevertheless, businesses have found out through trial and error that allowing their employees time off leads to greater productivity.

The atmosphere of the entire planet is one of enlightened self-interest. Citizens help the poor and downtrodden because eliminating poverty also eliminates the need for crime. The mentally disabled are nurtured with proper care because they would easily become hazards to the smooth running of society, were they allowed to run loose.

In fact, all disorders are equal. If cures are not available, palliative care is at cost. Exorbitant prices for medicine are unheard of, here. One sick person can make many sick people, that is why they do their utmost to eliminate sickness.

I heartily recommend this planet to the Cogniscent Rights Committee. Please take the assorted leaders of the other Greater Deregulations to this world, so they can see what their world could be if they just allowed the people to run the world.

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