Monday, Leyland's Tour, Backup Reads, and Stream

My days are just packed. On Saturday, we were all over everywhere, and one of the things acquired for Adorable could not be juggled on the train.

So I took Beloved and the stuff on a lengthy drive through rush-hour wet-weather traffic. Whee fun.

Obviously, I made it out alive, but holy cheez whiz... some folks just believe they can clip through other cars without harm.

As Da would say, the weather got into the sawdust in their skulls.

The writing group backup reads are on, in their new home - A Moth in the Archive. Which is also the prompt we're reading today.

At a later point, I shall be running a stream, and I hope to remember to let all my socials know about it.

Fingers crossed it all goes well.

And then I do all the side-project stuff.