Friday, Unfuckening & Some Free Time?

Beloved was out later than I was awake, last night. Visits to relatives post-funeral, sorting things out, I will hear about it when she wakes up.

Today's her day at home so we may get some stuff done in house. Which will include the usual Catio cleanse. I shall attempt to get a dishwash underway as well.

I am attempting a day without coffee, since the extra cuppa pre-game didn't do very much for me. I'll see how far that goes.

So far, summarising Adapting is taking a lot out of me. So is tagging tales for the app. If I could pay someone to do all this, I would.

That's for after I take off into the stratosphere.

If I survive that firkin long.

I just gotta keep handling it bit by bit. Play it by ear. Await the new normal. And mind how I go.

Which is pretty much how I handle things now.

Plus la change, I guess.