Friday, Ongoing PLNs

Beloved is off on adventures that include a journey far afield. Which means that I may be doing parkrun tomorrow all on my only. It's a possibility that Miss Chaos may not wish to do the thing tomorrow morning.

So far, bribing her with hot chocolate and brunch afterwards seems to be working.

Wish it'd work on Mayhem. His problem is the covered shoe requirement. My lad has wide feet, and it's difficult to get a fit that doesn't get at him in one way or the other.

I heartily understand the struggle to find some really comfy shoes.

Can't afford the expense of getting him those just yet. We get paid next week.

Gotta hold on until then.

Meanwhile, today's pln includes:

  • Cleaning the Catio
  • Making The Bikkie
  • The daily offerings
  • Work on Pseuducku
  • half an hour away from temptation to write extended WIP

And only after all that do I get to mess around with games.

So let's get going on that.