Challenge #04103-K085: Returning to Kindness

A family whose parentals were once foster children of Fosterhaus visit to offer their assistance. They get to introduce their own children to Wraithvine and hir friends as well, who was there helping with some repairs after a storm had rolled through. -- Anon Guest

[AN: Possible reference to ]

Isolated villages in the middle of nowhere are places to come from. Adventurers come from tiny flyspecks on the map with names like Bendihollow, North Haverbrook, and, especially, Gleaminvale. The ones from Gleaminvale often have a surprising grasp of the Draconic languages[1].

They also don't understand the concept of Unwelcome People until it's patiently explained to them. Mostly because everyone in Gleaminvale is Unwelcome in one way or another.

They might understand at a tangential level, but they never participate. Heroes like that leave Gleaminvale. They rarely return.

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